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Strategic Intelligence honoured in Fast Company World Changing Ideas 2020 awards

Tooba Durraze
3 min readApr 29, 2020


The World Economic Forum is proud to announce that its flagship digital product, Strategic Intelligence, has been selected as a finalist in Fast Company’s 2020 World Changing Ideas Awards.

Now in its fourth year, the World Changing Idea Awards honour the businesses, policies, projects, and concepts that are actively engaged and deeply committed when it comes to the climate crisis, social injustice, or economic inequality.

Strategic Intelligence was selected as a finalist in the Apps and Art & Design categories, and received an honourable mention in the AI & Data and Best World Changing Idea EMEA category.

Strategic Intelligence helps us understand the global forces at play, and make better decisions in this increasingly complex and uncertain environment. It provides a tremendous resource for exploring fluid interconnections between over 250 different topics and keeping up-to-date on everything that could potentially be an opportunity or a risk. Here’s a short video which explains it in more detail.

Together with our curation partners (which include Harvard, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford Universities, KAIST, MIT and many others) we have mapped hundreds of global issues and their interdependencies. This treasure-trove of information provides a broader perspective on the key issues for any given topic as well as key trends shaping its future. The information is presented in the form of an interactive, dynamic visualisation called a “transformation map”. It’s a great way of understanding the full “contextual landscape” of a topic for meetings or arming yourself or your organization with all the data-points you need before making an important decision.

Artificial Intelligence “transformation map”

In addition to drawing upon the experts within the World Economic Forum’s unique network, Strategic Intelligence uses the latest in artificial intelligence technology to curate the most relevant research and analysis, videos and data visualisations, as well as to identify emerging trends and themes.

The data is continually refreshed. For example, in early March we launched a special COVID-19 transformation map. This is continuously updated and we have made it available without registration in order to share essential knowledge with as broad an audience as possible.

Enhanced Strategic Intelligence features and monitoring capabilities are also available through our Digital Membership.

Digital members can continually monitor the topics that interest them the most and our artificial intelligence technology automatically highlights the most relevant emerging trends and themes.

For example, Digital Members were able to learn more about the evolution of the COVID crisis in early January using featured reporting around China confirming a surge in new corona virus cases.

In subsequent weeks, Strategic Intelligence highlighted warnings about the economic implications of COVID-19.

Most recently, Digital Members learned about longer-term risks and mitigation factors we well as trends around required actions to rebuild global supply chain resilience.

Digital Members are also invited to exclusive intelligence briefings with experts from the Forum’s unique network. For example, Prof. Neil Ferguson led a session for members on COVID-19 and rapid response healthcare on February 18th 2020.

To explore Strategic Intelligence, visit or search Strategic IQ in the iOS, Play or Huawei stores. You can sign up for Digital Membership from the Strategic Intelligence website.

Organisations are also able to embed Strategic Intelligence in their own intranet or website. For further details, explore our developer site at

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